Happy Friday the 13th! It’s a lucky day in my book, but I didn’t wake up feeling lucky. Instead, I woke up feeling sick, tired, and overwhelmed.

But I didn’t want my “default” mode to ruin the rest of the day, so I turned to a tried-and-true quick fix to feel better and set my day on a better tone.

Here’s the quick fix:

Tap on and around your breastbone while mentally repeating “It’s safe for me to feel good. It’s safe to be happy & feel good”. Then smile for 15-30 seconds until you feel a shift.

Because what happens for many of us is that you trap yourself into feeling low or pessimistic out of habit.

You assume you have to feel a certain way – frustrated, low, annoyed – because of something or someone in your life. Then you justify the feelings you’ve adopted with thoughts about your life – I have bills to pay, my schedule’s too busy, I have too much to do.

But none of these things are real or related!

You don’t have to feel a certain way just because the circumstances of your life today are how they are. Nor do you have to keep feeling a certain way just because you do right now.

Try this quick trick out right now and see what you notice. You’re just a few taps and a smile away from feeling relaxed & ready for whatever the day brings!

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!