To your eyes, I may seem really confident and clear about who I am and what I want.

And you’re right, I am.

But the opposite is also true at the very same time for two main reasons:

1) the inside story of all of us is filled with insecurity and doubt (because our inner voice tends to be a bit of a jerk until we make peace with it).
2) we learn as we go.

In my own personal journey, I had to do a TON of growing around trusting myself and my intuition.

(btw, I’m still on that journey)

This is one of the main practices I developed to help myself, and it works wonders.

Since I started using it in 2013, I’ve shared it with dozens of people who have also found success using it to build their self-trust, intuition, and self-love.

Now it is the #1 practice I give to clients who don’t know what they want, can’t make decisions easily, or doubt themselves.

Watch below to learn the practice:


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