What is a Sacred CEO? Let’s look at the words themselves.

Sacred: Holy or worthy of respect

Executive: Higher level, “someone in a high position, who makes decisions and acts according to them” (from

Officer: In service to, someone who carries out

So you could explain a Sacred CEO as someone who chooses to define their own life and focus, and then serve their vision in full faith through aligned and intentional action.

Being a Sacred CEO is about bringing your highest vision and self into your smallest, daily actions. It’s about being intentional, focused, and in devoted service to something bigger than you – your soul’s calling.

Where do you fall short of being a Sacred CEO?

Consider these options:

1. You don’t hold yourself as holy and worthy of respect. Many of us imbue the role of CEO with respect that we don’t also gift to ourselves. So when you try to step into the role, it’s feels too daunting – it’s too big for you. You have not expanded within to fill the space of reverence you give the role itself. (Sacred)

2. You look outside you for decisions and guidance. An executive is someone who makes decisions that affect their life. But many of us join course after course or hire coach after coach, looking for someone else to give us the answers. We crowd source everything from our outfits to our messaging. So when it comes time to be a leader in your life, you don’t have the practice or confidence to decide. (Executive)

3. Your daily actions don’t support your vision. Your success depends on steering your life in the direction of your desires, vision, and goals. As the CEO of both your life and business, you are the decision-maker as well as the most important implementer of your dreams. But if your daily actions are more focused on doing what’s expected, spinning in confusing circles, or second-guessing yourself, then you can’t move powerfully forward. (Officer)

You may recognize yourself in 1 or all of these areas that create – or prevent you from being – a Sacred CEO.

Get curious today about how these 3 areas are playing out in your life and business.

What are you doing well? Where could you make different choices to feel stronger?

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