Busy mind getting the best of you?

Try these 3 tricks to feel calmer, more focused, and actually present in your life.

1.  Breathe

Next time you’re listening to someone, pay attention to your own breath.

Focus on how the breath feels in your body – the cool air in your nose and throat or the way your belly and chest expand and condense.

By paying attention to your own breath, you increase your focus, put your racing thoughts on the back burner, and come back to the present moment. You’ll feel calmer and be a better listener.

2.  Expand Your View

Right now, look up from your screen and look at an object in the room from the back of your eyes.

Most of us narrow our gaze, which inadvertently tenses your throat and belly. This tension makes your breathing more shallow, which – surprise! – makes you even more tense.

By seeing from the backs of your eyes, your relax the body, deepen your breath, and feel calmer.

3.  Make It a Habit

The easiest way to be more present in your life is to be more mindful each day.

Choose one action you do every day – putting on your coat, picking up your toothbrush, or unlocking your computer – and make it your reminder action.

Every time you do this one action, check in with yourself:

How’s your breathing (shallow, deep, choppy, smooth)?

What is the quality of your mind and your thoughts (racing, calm)?

What emotions are you experiencing (anxiety, joy, excitement, dread)?

Keep this up for a few weeks until your action habitually triggers a moment of mindfulness in your day.

Use these three tricks and you’ll be on your way to enjoying each moment with a calm, clear mind before you know it.


Your turn
What tricks to you use to stay present?