*this article was inspired by Molly Hall’s 2013 article About Fall Equinox

If you live up north, you’ve probably noticed the days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing, and the air has an unmistakable crispness.

Fall is here.

Along with Friday night football games and apple cider, the change in seasons invites you to slow down and pause. The night and day are evenly balanced on the Equinox, creating a natural time of stillness to reflect on your life and prepare for what’s next.

Here are 3 key questions to ask yourself this Autumn Equinox:

1. What is your harvest?

Survey the bounty of the seeds you planted previously. Just like harvesting crops, your current circumstances are the direct result of what you devoted your attention and effort to in the past.

Did you water your fear of not having enough and neglect your gratitude for the abundance all around you? Did you dedicate yourself to a daily meditation practice and now feel calmer and more present with your loved ones?

The thoughts, habits, beliefs and words you practice are directly responsible for how you feel today.

Take a moment now to reflect on the seeds you’ve been sowing. Allow yourself to enjoy the desired fruits of your labor and release what’s unhelpful or unwanted.

2. What inner reserves have your built up?

As you move into winter, consider how you’ve prepared to nourish yourself in the future. Just like gathering nuts, the rituals you create to maintain your mental, physical and emotional health will carry you through both flush and austere times.

Do you have the support you desire in your relationships? Have you allowed yourself flexibility in finances?

Jot down a few ideas about how you have been or can fill up your inner tank.

3. What seeds will you sow in the future?

Each season brings a new opportunity to transform. Even trees change color and shed their leaves, then bud new ones in the Spring.

Just because you’ve acted, thought or believed a certain way in the past, doesn’t mean you’re wedded to those habits moving forward. You can choose who and how you are.

What characteristics would you like to develop? What habits will enable you to flourish? How can you instill and support to these new choices as they grow and mature?

The power is yours.

Fall is the perfect time to reflect on how far you’ve come, acknowledge and appreciate where and who you are, and reconnect with your vision for the future.