Ashram quote

If you’re anything like me, you probably go through periods of insecurity and doubt. We all have them, even the people you think don’t.

Yesterday, I was gifted such a day.

I say gifted because, through the chest-crushing anxiety, I was given the opportunity to get clearer on how my choices either support me feeling good or don’t.

Clearly if I’m not feeling great, I’ve made some choices that don’t align with who I really am and want to be.

One of the problems with self-sabotage and bad habits is that you can also add “I did it to myself” onto the pile of no-good, blame-filled, self-defeating thoughts. It’s like adding personal insult to your own internal injury.

Which is why the quote below caught my eye.

It re-frames a pattern so many of us get caught in – feeling worried and paralyzed by not knowing.

What if instead that meant you were free to explore, experience, and choose?

Today – name one part of your life that feels unknown and uncertain and choose to see it through the eyes of curiosity:

What might be if you let go of your ideas of what it could be?
What might you discover if you release what you think you need to find?
Who might you be if you didn’t do what you think you should?

Then follow those quiet whispers. They’ll lead you home to you.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!


p.s. This image came from Ashram Yoga, where I did my 500-hour training in New Zealand. They’re awesome and host live-in trainings and retreats on the beach. Plus, summer is coming for them soon. Click HERE to check out their offerings.