Imagine this – you spend years developing your expertise. You learned the hard way, the easy way, and every way in between. You did what it takes and pulled yourself out of seemingly endless funks and now you’re finally be facing an opportunity to shine.

But you freak out.

It’s the perfect next step and everything you wanted, but you second-guess yourself, your work, and your expertise.


Because of shame.

What if they find out that just last week you were crying and feeling hopeless?
What if they discover you still rely on your family to support you?
What if they judge you for needing help and support to stay on track?

Shame is one of the biggest dream killers around. Not because you can’t succeed – but because it stops you from even trying.

I almost let shame derail me this weekend.

After co-leading a life-changing 5-day challenge last week, Marie Houlden and I quietly opened the doors to our new program to Awaken Your Soul & Remember Your Purpose.

It’s divinely inspired, magical even. But by the end of day 1, no one had signed up.

Enter shame.

My mind raced with all the reasons why I couldn’t and shouldn’t continue – why it’ll never work and it’s all my fault. It showed me examples of times I’ve failed before and reminded me of hopes I’d previously dashed.

Sound familiar?

But you don’t have to believe it.

Shame doesn’t have to stop you from succeeding and living your dreams. Instead, it can be the very force that propels you to success.

Because shame points to all the places in you to heal. Shame helps you hone in on your insecurities, fears, and doubts – all the exact same beliefs that can sabotage your progress if left to run rampant in the background of your mind.

How do you harness the power of your shame without falling prey to its siren song?

1) Seek out a safe community where you can express your fear, shame, and worries.

A place where you can be supported in your fullness instead of feeling like you have to hold back and hide you biggest flaws. Because when you hide, you strengthen the belief that you’re broken. You are not broken. You are growing.

When you’re on the path to claiming your desires and living your unique soul’s purpose, you face decisions every day that challenge you to choose your truth over the default choices of the crowd. You are on a brave and often scary path.

A supportive community can help you accept your desires, celebrate your choices, and honor your unique gifts. That’s exactly why I lead intimate masterminds and we designed Awaken Your Soul & Remember Your Purpose as a small group experience.

2) Get honest about the fears behind the feeling of shame.

It’s easy to believe what you feel. In fact, most of us believe our thoughts and emotions without question. That’s why coaching is so powerful – a good coach helps you recognize when you’ve connected unrelated dots in a disempowering way so that you can break the pattern and move forward.

Instead of buying into everything shame suggests you believe, explore what’s behind the shame. Fear that you’re not enough? Worry you’ll be seen and then rejected?

When you cut to the truth behind the protective shield of your default beliefs and emotions, you’re free to make new, empowering choices. Ones that support who you actually want to be, instead of ones that pander to your worst fears.

That’s why Marie and I combined both strategic visioning coaching and energy healing into Awaken Your Soul & Remember Your Purpose – so that you can get beyond the poor-me stories you’re telling yourself and consciously embrace better, more uplifting beliefs.

Because your emotions aren’t bad – but allowing them to rule the roost can derail you for years.

3) Commit to what you want

Shame stops you from pursuing your dreams.

It stops you from standing up in front of a crowd and sharing your truth.
It stops you from raising your hand at work and saying “I can do more”.
It stops you from trusting yourself to reach out and say “I can help”.

Life is skilled at throwing distractions, detours, and fake-outs along the path to your goals. You think you want something then doubt yourself at the very next step when a challenge arises.

But your resolve can be stronger than any doubt or fear. You can transcend the shame and fear and use them to your advantage.

But ONLY if you commit to what you want.

Only if you unequivocally choose you – your dreams, your journey, and your growth.

The journey to living your purpose is not a perfect path, or even an easy one. But if you want to fulfill your potential – explore what you’re truly capable of and meant to do with your life – then it’s the only route for you.

Commit to your soul’s awakening.

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!