Within you is another version of you that already exists fully too.

A patient you. A magnanimous and generous you.

A you that doesn’t worry and lets seeming setbacks and limitations roll off your back.

A you that feels a well of joy rising within you and overflows with the compassion and grace that this joy brings to your life.

You love who you are, know all is well, and show up engaged and excited in your life

This you already exists.

You don’t have to strive for it or search it out or try to become it.

It IS you.

But it is buried.

You’re buried under hurts, fears, worries, and beliefs born of social conditioning.

Beliefs like…

It’s not safe to be happy.
You have to work hard to get anything in life; otherwise you’re spoiled and entitled.
Life is hard.
You have to prove yourself to earn it.
Liking yourself is arrogant.
You always have to be on guard, because people are plotting against you.
You can’t trust others.
If you want to do it right, do it yourself.

These beliefs are like bricks, building walls around the truth of who you are.

At your core, you know love is all we are.

You know we can join hands in brotherly and sisterly understanding.

You know peace is your natural way of being – love is your natural way of being.

You know there is no rush and life is perfect just as it is right now.

This ease – this presence – is the gift of living your truth.

I know because I’ve been unveiling myself, brick by brick, for years.

As I’ve allowed my truth to shine more and more, I’ve discovered 3 gifts of living your truth that now grace my days.

Here are 3 tangible gifts of living your truth:

1. Gentleness.

I’ve always been hard on myself. My version of improving and growing was perfecting. I spent years trying to ‘fix’ myself into someone who deserved love, friends, money, and happiness.

To make things worse, I was in a rush – always pushing myself to be better NOW!

As I’ve shifted my allegiance away from who I thought I needed to be and allowed myself to connect with my inner wholeness, I’ve become softer and gentler.

I still strive and want to grow, but now each opportunity to think, feel, or act differently feels like a gift and opening. It’s my truth expanding me, not my insecurities trying to mold me into someone worthy of love.

It feels soft and easy – like a gentle breeze on your shoulders or a child’s fingers running through your hair.

This is a gift of living your truth.

2. Compassion.

When you sense into the truth of who you are – your soul’s vision, meaning, and purpose – you discover a new angle on yourself.

There comes into view a very human you (in contrast to your soul-level you).

This human you is so precious.

You strive, desire, try, want, manage, negotiate, even manipulate – all in an effort to ensure you’re safe, secure, and loved.

It’s so innocent. Actions born out of insecurity and fear.

When you connect with the soul-level you – the you that knows you are already whole – you open the door to a flood of compassion for your human self.

Then you stop holding yourself in blame and shame and begin to gift yourself forgiveness, understanding, and compassion.

This is a gift of living your truth.

3. Pride

You could call this love too. Or even solidness.

When you move into a space of gentle compassion for yourself….

When you see yourself as you truly are – a deep knowing wrapped in a human trying to feel assured…

Then every moment becomes permission.

You’re not where your mind wants you to be — that’s okay.
You’re not handling every situation 100% perfectly — that’s okay.
You’re not performing at the top of the top of what you know you could do — that’s okay.

You are filling yourself fully in each moment and allowing for who and where you are.

You allow for your fears.

You allow for the time it takes you to learn, integrate, and grow.

You allow for the journey to be the goal.

Then you drop the fight between your soul and your human self and you become your own beautiful body of work.

You become your masterpiece.

This is a gift of living your truth.

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