Lately I’ve had an awakening of sorts and in case you feel the same, I’ve got a message for your brain.

Dear mind,

Thank you.

Thank you for misleading me. For the times you had me believe that I was wrong, broken, ashamed. For the months and years you said I was unworthy and un-fixable. You drove me to a point of pain so deep that I finally saw my truth:

I am not who you think I am.

Thank you for the times you said my body wasn’t right. My skin was too pimpled, my belly too rolled. For the endless social comments you paraded through my brain – stand up straight, fix your shirt, no one wants to see that side. With my mind filled with your terror – to fit in and perform – you drove me to such suffering that I finally feel my truth:

I am enough.

Thank you for the darkness. The depression and the shame. For the guilt of what I didn’t say and the embarrassment of what I’ve done. For constantly correcting me even years after it’s too late. You’ve made me feel so crazy that I finally know the truth:

I am always who I need to be.

You’ve done an amazing job to get me to this point. But now I’m taking over, so you can have a rest.

Now your intellect will help me become the person I’m meant to be.
Your analysis will guide me from where I am to where I choose to be.
Your ability to break things down will work for me in reverse – you’ll show me how to step-by-step relinquish all that’s hurt.

From now on you can show me how to love and cherish myself. I’ll partner with your powers so we’re in integrity – actions, words, and thoughts.

I’ve been waiting for this merging longer then I knew. But now I’m happy we’re together.

Thank you.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!


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