You don’t need horror stories when your mind is already doing this!

Our deepest, darkest, more twisted fears aren’t about random axe murders or or social outliers – they’re about our own value and worth in the world.

For most of us, one BIG SCARY fear is playing out behind the scenes every day of every month of every year.

I’m not enough
I am unlovable
I’m alone
I’m worthless

This fear calls all the shots and leads you to waste the MAJORITY of your precious time and energy trying to avoid / mask / invalidate it:

– Dating the wrong people just to prove you’re really unlovable
– Pushing people away to validate your fear that you’re alone
– Seeking acceptance from every one but you to try to feel enough

The ways we try to game our fears goes on and on…

In this video, you’ll learn 4 steps to help you recognize the fear at the core of your life, and then break free from its grip so you can do MORE with your life than chase your own fear-based tail.

Because there is MORE to you than seeking validation, worrying if you’re worthy, or wondering if you matter. More power, more creative potential – your PURPOSE just waiting to be expressed in new and unique ways.

But you can’t access that level of expression if you’re caught up fighting your own inner horror story.

Watch now for the 4 steps to break free:


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