Step Into Your Sacred CEO

Have you seen the video of the small boy screaming and crying in water because he thinks he’s drowning? 

Then after a few seconds, his mother comes and puts his feet on the bottom and he stops crying. Because it turns out he was only in a few inches of water, even though he felt like he was hopelessly lost at sea.

Business can feel that way too.

You have a big dream of what you want to do and who you can be, then you step into the pond to test the waters and – whoosh! – you get swept away by the tide of people who are doing it better, faster, and stronger than you.

Instead of confidently swimming towards your goal, you flounder.

You get tossed about by waves of insecurity, self-doubt, and fear. You worry you’ll drown before you ever get going.

Let me throw you a line.

kissing full bodyBecause I know you’re meant to do great things. I believe in the vision you have for yourself and know you can change the world.

But sometimes in our eagerness to learn the ropes of online business, you can let go of the thread that ties you to your deeper purpose.

You lose your way back to the core of who you really are and what you’re here to do.

I’ll throw you a line.

Because a good coach doesn’t say “jump on my back” and then do the swimming for you.

A good coach helps you set your sights on your goal, re-build your confidence, and then show you the best way to get there. 

A good coach gives you the skills to stay on track – the tools to align with your soul’s purpose every day – no matter what obstacles pop up in your way.

Then a good coach helps you cast off the doubts and fears holding you back, so that you can sail towards your future with clarity, ease, and direction.

If you’re feeling stuck, off-track, out of sync, unfulfilled and frustrated – I’ll help you find your way home.

  • To who you really are.
  • 20141226-IMG_2250To what you really want.
  • To how you truly want to feel.

So that you can finally:

– Do what you love in your business
– Work with clients you adore
– Feel happy & purposeful
– Confidently share your message & offers
– Call in your tribe
– Let go of resistance
– Own your worth & value

You’ll have the clarity and confidence to bring your life’s work into the world, and the tools to stay aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Join me in the journey of your lifetime.

Over 90-days, you’ll discover your purpose, awaken your passion, and create a plan to live your calling today.

You’ll learn who – and how – you need to be every day to embody your big vision, so that everything you do leads you towards the future you desire.

Plus you’ll have the support and resources you need to succeed.

This journey isn’t like other coaching offers you’ve seen.

Because in the 90-day Sacred CEO Journey, you won’t just learn what to do.

You’ll transform on the deepest level, so that you BECOME who you want to be.

You’ll receive support, guidance, and practices specifically tailored to your unique needs & desires, so that you can release old habits and move into your potential once and for all.

Because when you finally learn to embody your dreams, reality is just a few steps behind.

Here’s what’s included in your 90-day Sacred CEO Journey:

  • A 2-hour Sacred CEO kick-off session
  • 3 months of weekly 1:1 sessions with Alexis (12 total)
  • A clear & thorough plan, including call notes from each session and a weekly action plan
  • Your unique life strategy, including vision, purpose, message, and focus
  • Resources & tools specifically tailored to help you succeed, including mindset, breathing, and movement practices.

You’re meant for something more. You’re meant to live your purpose. 

Get started today.

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Get started today.

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