Valentine’s Day seems to be a momentous occasion in my life.

arrowIt’s the day my parent’s got engaged, paving the way for my existence.

arrowIt’s the day I moved in with the man I thought was my future husband. I felt more like an adult that day than I ever had before (or since).

arrowIt’s the day I decided my soul’s mate was the “One” and then accidentally discovered he was lying to me about – well, everything.

For me, V-day is a day for new beginnings, even when the events feel more like painful endings instead.

This year, I’m taking the reins and declaring my own beginning.

This Valentine’s Day is the day I go public.

It’s the day I launch myself in the world as a mature, successful woman and business owner.

It’s the day I stop looking back, stop pretending I can’t hear my inner wisdom, and start being the expansive, loving, playful person I am.

It’s also the day I tell you that enough is enough.

You are enough.

No more saying you’re insecure. You’re not. Maybe you just don’t want to hear your truth.

No more telling yourself you can’t possibly. You can. Maybe you’re just afraid you might succeed and be more than you ever dared imagine.

No more saying you’re too wounded and scarred. You’re fine – your soul is still pure and beautiful. Maybe you’re just afraid that without your story of being less than and injured you might, underneath it all, be happy and present and powerful.

No more saying you’re too fat or too skinny or too short or too tall or too hairy or too ANYTHING. You’re perfect. Maybe you just don’t want to shine and risk being ostracized by people who don’t or won’t love themselves.

No more.

You’re beautiful. You’re perfect. You’re perfectly imperfect.

The sea beneath your waves is calm and slow and steady. Rise up and flood us with your brilliance.

Today’s the day I show you me so I can drop the mask and see you.


What beginning will you declare today?