Hey there.

You’ve lived a good life. You’re accomplished. You have the job, the family, the house. Everyone looks at you and sees an image of success.

But you? Well, you know there’s got to be more.

You have a big calling. You have a lot to offer. But you feel stuck. Confused. Unable to move past the overwhelming drudgery and routine that keeps you from breaking into a vibrant life of joy and meaning.

I’m Alexis, and I help people with big callings make room to step into their best life.

My Soul System™ is one-of-a-kind. I developed it after years as a strategist in the U.S. government, creating big plans for big efforts, like international and domestic crises.

I’ve advised U.S. Ambassadors, foreign dignitaries and members of Congress, and helped develop new ways of thinking that changed the way we do business as a country.

I combine razor sharp strategy with deep, holistic healing based movement into the path towards an authentic, joyful life. If you’re willing to go deep, to push yourself, to truly dedicate yourself to your own growth, you can step into the life you’ve always dreamed of for yourself (but could never completely access.)

Now I use all my strengths – strategic planning, intuition, and 1000+ hours of yoga and meditation training – to connect you with the knowledge, wisdom, and tools you need to live your dreams.

Ready to get started? Learn how we can work together here.