Many of us struggle with a voice in our heads that can at best be labeled a jerkypants.

Unfortunately – for most of us, this voice has the market cornered on what feels like truth.

Which means every time it clears its ugly throat to remind you of how inadequate, imperfect, and unloveable you are, you think it has a point.

You take its opinion to heart and dutifully shame, shrink, and correct yourself in response.

But this doesn’t have to be the only voice in town.

You can choose to amplify another source of commentary instead – one that supports, heals, and uplifts you.

Here are some lines your nicer inner voice might choose to share with you:

You are enough.
You were born and remain whole.
Your true nature is innocence.

Of course, as soon as you start feeling good about yourself, your unsupportive voice will pull out the bullhorn and start yelling to scare you back in line.

Ignore it.

Your negative thoughts are a bad habit designed to keep you safe, small, and toeing the party line.

Just like you’d potty train a puppy, you have to interrupt the negative thought stream over and over – refocusing on a positive thought as many times as it takes until it gets the message and allows you to feel happy, confident, and proud.

Use these affirmations to help you create your new habit and yourself support, forgiveness, and love:

I am enough, as is, right now.

I bring my best into every moment, and forgive myself for the times I believe I fall short.

My past has no power over my future. I get to choose who I am in each moment.

Repeat these or your own supportive affirmation hundreds of times each day until your automatic reaction is to gift yourself a loving thought rather than a demeaning one.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!