What are you so afraid of? Get specific.

That you mom was right – no one ever liked you or will?
That you’ll end up alone, embarrassed and ashamed?
That you’ll be laughed at, chided, discredited, or worse – ignored?
That your best efforts won’t actually amount to much?

That not only are you not as unique and talented as you think you are, you’re not even mildly valuable? It’s all been done and you’re not eve doing it in a particularly new or interesting way?

You give it you all – bare you soul, put your most vulnerable dreams and hopes for yourself on the table and everyone passes you by.

Your magnificence is lost in the apathy of daily life. In the truth that no one actually cares.

The years you spent building up the courage goes unrewarded and mostly unseen because no one cares about you. At least not to appreciate your bravery.

So they make small, snide comments, not realizing you’re shaking and scared. They see you boldly, not begging.

But your fear has you begging. For approval, assurance, affection.

Fear demands you know first. You calculate risk. You prove you’ll survive.

But you won’t. That’s the point.

You change to grow. To shed the ill-fitting suit of the past and transform into a vision of your future.

Metamorphasis is ugly. Scary.

Be bold.

No one said they’d understand you. Support you. Stand by you.

Do it anyway.

Because the alternative is having to stand behind yourself and rationalize every day for the rest of your life why you didn’t try.

Because of a little fear?
Because you’d be laughed at?
Because you might end up alone?

Do you think so little of yourself and this loving world that you believe that truly, deep down?

Because it sounds like a story to me.

It’s time to stop reading that book and leap into the tale you’d rather be telling. The one where you’re the hero you know and wish you could be.

You don’t have to move mountains or be well-known. But you have to slay the dragon. Your dragon – your fear.

You were born for it. That dragon was made just for you – perfectly sized to be able to conquer whenever you’re ready.

So be ready. Be bold.

Be free.
Be brave.