Purpose is a funny thing. We use the human mind to desperately look for something we already know is beyond the human mind.

It doesn’t make sense, but yet we feel it.

We feel that a part of us knows something so big, and yet we can’t quite put a finger on it, because it’s bigger than what we really want.

Let me explain…

Most of us aren’t really looking for purpose. We’re looking for someone to tell us what to do.

This world is too big.

It’s like being from a foreign country and standing in the cereal aisle of a U.S. supermarket for the first time.

It’s paralyzing. There are too many choices.

Why are there so many choices??

It seem extraneous, unnecessary, and at the same time wondrous.

But the mind that is in awe of the natural abundance of all things, and the mind that sees the superfluousness of it are not the same mind.

Which is how it goes with purpose and meaning too.

Sure, your soul knows there is a deeper order and meaning to things. Your soul is clued into a greater connection of life – a rhythm of expanding and squeezing, shifting and changing that is inevitable to all of life flowing and growing.

Your soul gets all of that. Your soul knows there is no end to what is possible and creating more is just the beginning.

But all the while your human mind is thinking, “that’s great honey, but just tell me what to do”.

Give me some direction here! There are too many options!

You’re the person standing in the cereal aisle forgetting that you have taste buds. You don’t know how to choose.

That’s the real problem.

Not that you’re unclear.
Not that you’re unsure.
Not that you don’t know your purpose or that you’re not living it fully.

But that without God / direction / focus, you are too powerful.

Without a clear storyline, a clear path that is meant just for you, you are more than your human mind can handle.

Which means you have options.

It means anything is a possibility.

It means it’s ALL a possibility and the only difference between life A and life B is you – the direction you choose.

Talk about pressure!

It’s too much.

It’s easier to have it all mapped out for you.

Destiny, fate, a clear order that applies just to you and makes sense of why you haven’t, couldn’t, and won’t.

You’re in love with the story of you.

But that’s for a different post… This is about choice.

Because, honestly, that’s what God is.

God is the all-powerful chooser and the chosen. God is the act of choosing and the knowing that the choice is already done. God is the space that knows the choice doesn’t matter and that choosing is all that matters.

This is how you meet the God within.

It’s not by focusing myopically on your one true task in the world. That defeats the purpose. Totally misses the point.

YOU are your one true task in the world.

It’s how you live it – how you CHOOSE that is the defining characteristic. More accurately – it’s your relationship to the choosing that determines your sense of wholeness.

Because the ego doesn’t die.

There isn’t a point where you grow beyond your own ability to perceive and then have a different experience that’s not rooted in you.

No, you remain; you’re part of the deal.

But you can move over.

You can empty yourself and change your perspective on the choosing. Realizing that the question and the answer are already connected, and your unique moment of influence and power is in the action of connecting them in this physical reality.

Eventually, you become the vehicle for action, but neither the chooser nor the chosen. And yet you are both at the same time, because it is only through your conscious acting that you can choose.

This is the paradox of life:

That once you empty yourself, you are full.

That once you so fully embrace your abilities, you humble yourself to service.

That once you grasp the meaning, it is no longer an important question.

And that is where the mind ends and the soul begins, and a beautiful concert between them exists.

But it doesn’t solve the problem of what to study in school now, does it?

Or what job to take or career to consider…

It doesn’t tell you why you go home at the end of the day feeling like your life is pointless drudgery. Or feeling like you’re faking it through one scenario after another hoping no one will notice you’re only wearing a mask of competence and caring.

It doesn’t tell you how to get it right or what to do instead. It doesn’t promise you’ll ever feel truly at home in yourself without the slight awareness of the illusion of your own chosen persona. 

No, the real truth of life can’t answer that.

Because that is your journey.

Your journey is the pain of feeling out of sorts.

Of wondering what you’re missing – if everyone else is happy and satisfied and it’s just you who wants more, who feels like something is missing.

Of suspecting everyone else doesn’t feel like they have to settle for the standard life – job, marriage, kids – the things that you simultaneously want and fear that there’s nothing more than.

Can these simple things really be the point?

Your search for meaning spins itself around and around, never wanting to point the finger at the one thing you most cherish, but not knowing where else to look.

So our friends and family take the fall.

Maybe it’s their fault.

Maybe I’m just being held back”, you tell yourself. “These people don’t get it. They’re happy here – with this life. I want more.”

And so you break yourself away from everyone and everything you’ve ever known and go searching for this elusive meaning, convinced of your own uniqueness and specialness, at the same time as you feel like the smallest fleck of insignificance because you’re so lost and confused (in your own opinion, at least).

And here we are again.

Standing in the cereal aisle with all the choice in the world and forgetting that you have the taste buds, stomach, and mind to guide you.

Why won’t someone else just give you the answer already???

Which is the right cereal?

But the answer lies in the choosing, or perhaps more accurately, in the journey to discovering that you have the tools to choose already.

Or more interestingly, in that once you fully own the tools of choosing, you’ll realize that something else is choosing through you, and it’s merely your job to walk down the aisle and pick the one that’s chosen.

You are the actor; life is the play.

Your big mind knows this.

Your soul feels this and we don’t have to say anything more about it, honestly, ever again.

But we’re not just the big God-like mind.

You’re you too.

And you have a home and interests and likes and dislikes.
You have aspirations and hopes and preferences and plans.

You don’t (yet) live in the space of God-embodied action. You are still navigating life as you – trying your best to open yourself to meaning and wanting to know which way to go next to live your purpose more fully with grace.

You are not alone.

You are not unimportant.

You are not an insignificant side note in the soul’s journey of self-realization.

You are it’s ride.

So let’s help you get clear. Let’s help your mind hold on to some of its own soul-level ideas.

Ideas about who you are, why you’re here – what your unique soul’s vision and purpose is.

NOT because it matters in the end of your spiritual evolution.

But because it is a STEP in the right direction.

It is a step towards expanding your own awareness of your own power to CHOOSE in the vast, infinite supermarket of life.

And when you practice choosing YOU, you practice aligning yourself with the heart of God.

That is something worth living for.

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!

In love,