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To view and download the slides from the May 2016 talk, click HERE.
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Exciting news!

After the success at the Quarterly training, we’re creating a 6-week small group program to go deeper on your vision, purpose, and message. Each week, you’ll dive into a specific aspect of your life & business, including your

  • Ideal vision & purpose
  • Business vision & mission
  • Personal & business values
  • Ideal audience – the people poised to benefit from your message
  • Messaging & marketing language

So that you can communicate your deeper why in both your business and life, plus create a powerful tribe committed to creating a shared vision for the future.

We’ll meet live via phone & computer, so that you can get instant feedback and live coaching with Alexis.

Interested in joining? Schedule your 1:1 assessment with Alexis or email her at alexis @ alexispierce.com for more details!


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