Be honest – the things you say you want to feel and be in life – are you really committed to them?

This weekend at a workshop in San Diego, I was asked to stand in front of the group and convince them of my commitment to love.

As I watched each person go ahead of me, I shrank smaller and smaller in my chair.

I can’t go, I thought. I’d be lying. I’m not really committed.

But then it was my turn.

I stood up in front of the 13 other women with my arms wide open and closed my eyes.

For minutes, there was nothing – I stood there alone, open, with eyes closed.

Then slowly, thoughts started bubbling up. Not full commitment, but thoughts around it.

I believe I am love.
I want to be loving and loved.
I’m committed to loving myself.

Then the tears started flowing. My heart was pounding faster than I’ve ever felt before. My whole body was shaking and I wanted to hide my face in my hands.

I wanted to close.

But I stood there – with arms outstretched, committed to the process, if not love.

I don’t know how long I stood there or what happened in the world around me. When I found the words to speak again, it was with conviction and strength.

I am committed.

When you’re fully committed, the earth and heavens move to support you. There can be no other way than what you’ve determined.

Because you – your heart, your mind, your belief – create your life.

You have the power to change the quality, tone, and circumstances of your life in an instant. If you really want it…

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. You’ll have to learn new habits, and more importantly, let old ones go.

But you can be, live, and feel what you most desire.

Think today about something you want for yourself. Something you say you’re committed to but still aren’t experiencing.

Tune into the quiet place within. Are you really committed?

Or are you committed, but…

You don’t feel it yet.
You’re not living it.
You don’t believe it’s possible for you.
You can’t because of that person or experience.

Commitment transcends excuses. It transcends time, reality, and examples. Commitment is the power of creation itself.

So stand for what you believe and desire and commit to it fully.

The choice is yours.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!