Yesterday I raced a sprint triathlon. We had perfect conditions, perfect weather, and the perfect course. Which means it was the perfect opportunity to see how much extra stress I add in my mind.

My coach reminded me that pushing yourself to perform isn’t supposed to be easy. But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

Are you making life harder on yourself?

I notice this bad habit – the need to over-complicate – all the time. In the race context – my body is happy to do more and go faster, but my mind resists. It floods my brain with thoughts like “What if you get tired? What if we can’t sustain it and burn out? What if…?

When in truth, within all of us there’s much more waiting to be revealed. A stellar athlete, perfect health, a focused business woman, a successful speaker.

All of us have the potential to do far more than we allow ourselves.

But instead, we restrain ourselves through unnecessary thought and action.

You contort your body into misaligned positions that waste energy. You get caught up in future details instead of moving forward one step at a time.

Here’s a perfect example – I woke up this morning to this message from one of my amazing Mastermind ladies. The assignment was to identify your life purpose, but she kept getting caught up in business jargon:

“I realized … that I “over-intellectualize” all of this work. The results are over complicated. I am in my mind too often when I need to be in my heart.”


You’re in your mind when you need to be in your heart.

You heart can achieve anything. It can lift cars off babies, become the best boxer in the world, and write that book you’ve always dreamed of penning.

You’re brain CANNOT set these types of goals for you or make sure you do the work to achieve it. Your brain can only help plot the course.

My coach is a master planner in the sense that she decides what she wants and then breaks it down to the steps to get there.In her words, if you do the training week-by-week and bit-by-bit, there’s no way you WON’T get there.

As long as you let yourself.

This is the key – you’ve got to harness and train your brain to work with you, not against you.

Everyone struggles with the mind’s resistance – the thoughts that say you can’t, it’s too much, and you’ll probably fail.

But if your heart wants it badly enough, the response is simple: breathe, reaffirm your faith, and silently whisper “I can and I will”.

Then focus on just the next step. It doesn’t matter if there are two-hundred thousand steps plus a couple thousand you haven’t thought of yet. You can only do the next one.

So focus there.


Let your full self fully address the task at hand without the added stress of the unknown and later messing up your now.

Don’t make it harder on yourself.< Yes, it’s a big goal. Yes, it’s a long road. Yes, it’s logically impossible. But that’s why your heart’s in charge. Logic is nothing in the path of desire.

So take inventory – how are you making life harder on yourself?

Do you want money but repeatedly worry it’s not coming?
Do you say you want to feel happy yet spend 90% of your time feeling lonely and sad?
Do you want to eat healthily but consistently sleep late so you don’t have time to make breakfast and pack a good lunch?
Do you want to launch a new program but keep delaying because the details are too daunting?

Notice how you’re resisting and over-complicating your now.

Then do this simple – though not necessarily easy – exercise:

  1. Write down what your heart desires.
  2. Plan out the steps to make it happen.
  3. Do them. Be the person who lives your dream.

That’s it. The magical formula for success.

These are the same three steps I – and all of my clients – move through to bring our dreams to life. I know you can do it too.

So what are you waiting for?

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!


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