Do you ever think – I don’t take myself seriously enough to succeed?

That very thought crossed my mind this morning when I showed up after 9 for a meeting that – it turns out – started at 8.

Or Tuesday when I missed a client call because of a calendar mishap.

Or even now, when I’m emailing you a few hours late.

My mind is generously sharing it’s opinion on these anomalies:

You’re too irresponsible to succeed.
You constantly sabotage your success.
You don’t take yourself seriously enough.

Too bad it’s not as vocal with its praises when I’m on time!

Luckily my mindfulness practice has taught me that events and your reaction to them don’t have to be connected.

Sure, I was an hour late for a meeting I highly value. At least now I know I’ll never mix up the time again!

And I could rake myself over the coals for mixing up a client appointment and blogging late.

OR I could use these experiences as clues for my curiosity.

What’s really going on behind the scenes?
Am I making enough time for myself to feel rested and energized, so I can give generously to others?
Do I need a new scheduling system for clients?

Instead of beating yourself up for your perceived failures, use them as opportunities to better discover your truth.

Because you act in certain ways – even end up in certain patterns – for a reason.

For example, my mom is chronically late. She was also sent to a strict boarding school at a very young age where she had to follow every rule with little emotional warmth in return. Maybe being late for her isn’t so much a sign of rudeness, but a way of claiming her autonomy.

When you explore what you truly need behind your behaviors, you’re able to see yourself with compassion.

Then you can gift yourself care and attention you need to feel calm, confident, and in control.

Try it this weekend – cut yourself a break and ask “what’s really going on here?” instead.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!