Yesterday I had a big awakening and it’s too good not to share.

I was at the hair stylist getting my hair done (see pic below). I’d come straight from seeing a few yoga clients, so I was dressed in my comfy clothes.

Honestly, it was a typical Tuesday – I was slightly tired, wearing no makeup, and had nothing to get dolled up for.

But as soon as the stylist removed the protective smock after my appointment, I felt a tinge of shame and shock.

“I should have worn a nicer outfit!” I said with surprise.

Because now from the neck up, I looked how I say I want to feel – successful, alive, and like I’m putting my best foot forward.

But from the neck down, I felt tired, accommodating, and like I’d barely put any thought into myself.

I was literally divided between how I’m showing up every day and how I want to be.

Which got me thinking about you and how to move forward with your dreams.

Most of us want to live the best version of ourselves. We can see, feel, and almost taste our potential and greatness.

But then on a daily basis, we’re repeating the belief that we’re not there yet. From the way we dress to the things we say, we’re still in student mode – looking to others to teach and fix us.

Yet this belief – that we’re still “in process” – may be the biggest impediment to our success.

Because when you believe that you’re not skilled, experienced, or successful enough yet, you block yourself from potential opportunities.

You focus on how far you still have to go to feel successful, instead of honoring what you already offer.

Which means, when the chance comes to partner with someone or speak up as the expert, you shrink away instead.

So here’s my question to you – when will you be ready?

If you can’t own your experiences and expertise with confidence now, at what magical point will you feel confident in the future?

Take a look at how you’re showing up for yourself and your dreams right now today:

– Are you putting on the metaphorical yoga pants and barely making it through your day?
– Or are you dressing for success – treating yourself and your desires with the care and attention they deserve?

You don’t have to literally change your outfit, but consider what in your life you could do to feel more professional – to feel like the successful expert you already are.

It may be a tangible shift like cleaning your office or changing the photos on your website.

But it might also be an intangible change: a simple decision to embrace yourself as “already there” instead of a “work in progress”.

Confidence in who you are and what you offer – regardless of what your life looks like right now – can make the difference between a lifetime of waiting and living your dreams.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!