Last night I saw Arrival, a new sci-fi movie about time, intuition, and understanding.

What struck me the most was that, in all ages and times, there have been revered spiritual leaders who’s ability to relate to the mysteries of life defies our common understanding. People who are said to levitate, produce objects out of nothing, perform miracles, etc.

These stories are not unique or new. But they do seem to escape our every day experience with life.

How is it that some people can do things that others of us can’t even comprehend? Do they have special gifts or talents?

From what I’ve learned, the answer is yes and no.

No, they don’t have access to abilities reserved only for them.
Yes, they have special talents.

Because all of us have the ability to do, be, and achieve the extraordinary. If we didn’t, we’d never have success stories. We’d never break the mold. We’d never have outliers, heroes, or saints.

But we do – because some people do things differently.

So the question you should be asking if you want to access more of your potential is not ‘is it possible?”, but rather ‘what can you do differently?’.

Here’s what I’ve surmised extraordinary people practice every day that sets them apart in both abilities and results:

  1. Radical trust.
    People who achieve outrageous ends believe in themselves to outrageous levels. They get called crazy, stupid, out-of-touch, ridiculous, naive, a dreamer. But they trust in their own truth more than they buy into what other people understand about their truth.

    This is not an easy act. Choosing to believe that you have the ability to create your life by your rules is bold. Especially when those rules go against commonly assumed facts like gravity, time, and cause/effect.

    But radical achievers – the anomalies of our lifetimes – have radical faith in their own intuition, judgment, vision, and hope. They say yes to what they believe is right even when the whole world is saying it’s wrong. Which brings us to number two…

  2. Faith-filled action.

    People who make a difference by being different don’t stop themselves because they doubt, worry, or wonder what others will think. They take early and imperfect action based on a combination of their own intuition, intelligence, and wisdom.

    That doesn’t mean they’re rash or reckless. Instead, it means they take a leap of faith based on the belief that if it feels right to them, then it is (see radical trust above).

    This commitment to take action aligned with their own inner sense of truth enables them to find solutions other can’t see, open doors that aren’t otherwise apparent, and carry on against almost impossible odds.

    Basically, they just do it anyway. Because the impetus to act isn’t coming from logical discussion and consensus with others. It’s arising from a knowingness within that they’ve honed, trust, and follow. Which brings us to the 3rd practice…

  3. Surrender.
    The extraordinary people of our time know that something else – something bigger – is working through them. Call it God, source, flow, or Qi, at some point, if you want to achieve unbelievable results, you have to surrender to unexplainable support.

    Seemingly random connections, being in the right place at the right time, saying just the right words even though you’re unsure – these are the signs of surrender.

    As Mother Teresa shared “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.

    This may seem like the easiest of the 3 practices, but for most people, surrender is the most challenging. Because it asks you to believe that you are worthy of doing great things. It requires you to be so full of yourself that you can make the most of your unique talents, skills, and abilities, and yet simultaneously be completely empty, open, and willing to stretch beyond the edge of who and what you think you are.

    Surrender is the moment you stop being just you and start being a vessel for the unimaginable. It is your entry point to becoming exceptional.

So, no – extraordinary people don’t have access to abilities reserved only for them. But yes, they have special talents.

They have honed the skills of self-belief, action, and surrender while others stay mired in doubt waiting for proof of success first.

Take a moment to reflect on how you’re approaching your life – could you strengthen your resolve in one of these 3 areas?

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!