You already have it all.

All the clarity.

All the strength.

All the knowledge.

All the network.

All the money.

All the skill.

It’s never been about what you’re missing.

You’ve always had it all and you always will.

It’s about what you’re seeing.

Where your allegiance lies.

Whether it’s in what you’re lacking – who you haven’t been and never can be.

Or who you’re willing to be.

What you’re willing to try.

How you’re letting yourself be.

Because you already are all of it.

You can just as easily be “poor, pathetic, little me” as you can be “watch out world, look at me roar!”

It’s all a matter of perspective. 

Of choosing which version of you you’re willing to be everyday.

Because your thoughts do this. 

Your words do this.

Your feelings do this.

They shape your circumstances every minute of every day.

Which isn’t an opportunity to self-regulate and self-perfect in case, god forbid, you falter for one moment and thus are less deserving, less perfect, less worthy.

You are always worthy.

You have nothing to prove. 

But you have a LOT to allow.

Have you been convincing yourself that something is wrong with you again?

Holding back on agreeing to your dreams because you might never make them come true?

Settling for always second-guessing because it’s more familiar than full-on believing (and more comfortable for other people too)?

These are choices, my love.

Choices born of a confused state of being where your loyalty lies with your mind and not your soul.

But you can shift your allegiance.

You can remember who you really are.

You can awaken deep within you the clarity, courage, and freedom that is already there.

That you already ARE.

This is not a journey of self-perfecting until you are worthy of life’s rewards. 

This is a journey of self-defining. 

Of knowing your truth and then allowing yourself – giving yourself day-by-day permission – to BE YOU more and more.

Not because you have to. 

Not because it’ll get you any where or anything.

But because it IS you.

Your soul doesn’t sleep. 

You awaken.

It’s time to claim your clarity and live your truth.

We start Monday.

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!

In love,

I help you find the freedom and courage to be YOU.