If you worry you’re not safe, then it’s hard to push yourself to do or be more YOU.

You might want to speak up more, but be scared of being criticized.
You might want to dance and express yourself, but feel scared of being vulnerable.
You might want to talk about issues that matter to you, but worry you’ll be shamed or shunned.

Safety is a legit BIG deal.

It’s the key to your survival and not something to take lightly.

You might think the answer is to just “feel the fear and do it anyway”, but that approach can backfire and leave you feeling even more unsafe and scared than before.

So if you want to feel, be, or have something that also triggers “but I won’t be safe” thoughts, then what do you do?

How can you break free of this cycle of wanting to grow yet feeling unsafe?

You need a new way to approach your fears that helps you stay connected to yourself, create your own sense of safety, AND allows you to change and grow.

In today’s video, I share 3 unique approaches that helped me break through my fears and move forward with more confidence, so that you can too.

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