Calm & Clear

Thank you for joining me to learn how you can feel less stressed and be more present for your life!

Here are the practices we learned:

Calming Practices:

Follow the Exhale


Straw Breathing


Connecting Practices:

Three-Part Breath


Body Rotation Guided Meditation


Energizing Practices:

Breathing with Spinal Awareness Meditation
This is a simple practice to focus the mind and move energy in your body.

Begin by focusing your awareness at the base of your spine, just in front of the tailbone. On your inhale, raise your awareness and the breath up the front of the spine to where the spine meets the skull deep within the head.

On the exhale, take your awareness and breath down the back of the spine to the point just in front of the tailbone.

Continue to move the breath and awareness up the front of the spine and down the back of the spine for 3-10 minutes.

Breath of Joy
Stand with your feet hip width apart.

Take 3 short inhales through the nose while:
1. Swinging your arms out to the front of you to shoulder height.
2. Swinging your arms out to your sides.
3. Swinging your arms overhead.

Exhale and fold forward over your legs in one big, releasing motion.


Bonus Practices:

This wheel can help you identify your emotions more accurately. The benefit to being able to name how you feel is that it gives you the power to choose what you want to do with them – observe, respond, act. (Please note, I am not the original creator of this image. I could not find a citation for it.)

writing-emotions-wordsClick on the image below to download the short overview of how the body’s stress response works, as quoted by PBS and the National Institutes of Health:


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