Chill Out – Intro to Meditation

Pursuing your dreams doesn’t have to make you sick, tired or stressed out.

You’ve got too much to do. Website, marketing, invoicing, scheduling, emails, social media – and that’s before the kids get home from school.

There’s still laundry, groceries, cooking, dishes, cleaning, dating, friends and the eternal pressure to show up as a pleasant human and connect with people. Did I mention working out, having fun and sleeping?

Spinning thoughts might keep you up at night. Your workload might leave you tense and tired. You’re not sure where to start on that gigantic to-do list. But you are certain of one thing: You need clients and cash, and some peace of mind before you lose yours.

Hi, I’m Alexis and I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs get ridiculously calm.

So the confusion, anxiety and doubt? Hit the curb.

The easiest and most effective way to shut off your brain and get to work is meditation.

It’s easy and it works.

But this is not some magical process where you “feel” something or “bliss out.” (Creepy.) Meditation is a technique we use to detach, gain perspective and increase awareness.

And frankly, it’s killing me to see how many entrepreneurs are out there right now stressed out, on the ledge.

I know running a business is hard. It’s time-consuming. And you’re all-in because you’re the only one who can do it. But pursuing your dreams doesn’t have to take such a toll on your health, happiness and well-being.

I’m not saying you need to stop or even slow down. Heck, more power to you. But you can enjoy the process.

Just because your life is an all-out sprint doesn’t mean your mind has to be racing.

I can show you how to step back, take a breath and gain perspective. I can teach you how to train your mind to better focus, using the one tool you always have with you – your breath.

I know it will help because I was just like you. Building a business and getting caught up in the day-to-day and continually putting myself on the back-burner for later.

But later isn’t coming.

Not unless you create the habit of soothing yourself now.

That’s what meditation does. It helps you soothe your mind, emotions and nervous system so you can focus on what really matters.

It helps you connect with the trust of who you are and sort through the competing voices in your head until you can hear you own, beautiful intuition loud and clear.

It helps you own and honor your own unique gifts and experiences so you can selectively share the best of you with the world and leverage your efforts to make the biggest impact.

Meditation keeps you steady through the storms of your mind and emotions.

In my 6-week introduction to meditation, aptly called “Chill Out,” you will learn how to:

  • calm the freak down
  • identify and focus on priorities
  • eliminate the high highs and deep downs of business and money
  • be more available, to yourself, your family and your clients
  • let things roll off your back more easily
  • stop reacting
  • release tension
  • connect with others more genuinely
  • feel good

Each week, we start with a 10-minute guided meditation and a short introductory video. The core lessons include why people meditate, the philosophy, and how to sit. We will also complete a pre- and post-course stress assessment (so you can see for yourself what meditation does).


  • One week to help you create your home practice
  • 20-minute call with me
  • Unlimited email access throughout the course

What you walk away with:

  • Focus, clarity and contentment
  • Improved decision-making
  • Skills to calm and soothe yourself when anxious
  • That awesome feeling that only comes from being connected to your desires, dreams and needs
  • The tools you need to distill pressure and demands

You will learn life-long skills to stay connected to your unique mission and purpose.

Meditation keeps you on track. Perhaps more importantly, it leaves you feeling capable and in control. Goodbye, overwhelm.

Think you don’t have time to meditate? Think again.

There’s a zen proverb that Gandhi captured well when he said, “I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.”

Meditation is where you get clear and realize your priorities. And with clarity? You can accomplish whatever is necessary with grace and maximum impact.

This course is designed to gradually and safely introduce you to deeper and more refined meditation practice over time. You will learn a range of tools to rely on for life.

Maybe you’ve tried meditation before and it didn’t work out.

There are dozens of styles out there. I teach yogic meditation, which focuses on breathing. (It keeps your mind occupied and brings your awareness deep into the body, so you can stay present and release tension easily and naturally.)

I offer guided meditations to help you gently increase your mind’s ability to focus and soften the nervous system gradually, without having to confront your thoughts alone in silence. If you prefer to practice without the recording, I also teach you the technique in a separate video. You’re free to explore on your own.

You ready to Chill Out?

Investment: $197


Click the button above to pay via paypal. The course will be delivered to your email via Zippy Courses.

Six weeks of video and audio instructional content, unlimited email access to an expert, a private 1:1 call AND a bonus week so we can set up your at-home meditation practice. For less than $200?


Got questions?

Perfect because I’ve got answers:

Do I have to be able to sit cross-legged or on the floor?
Nope! Your comfort is far more important than the position you choose in the beginning stages of meditation. You’re welcome to sit in a straight-backed chair, kneel, or lie on the floor.

I’m looking for an instant fix – is this right for me?
In the course, I lead you step-by-step through learning to meditate and provide guided meditations for you to follow, which makes the process simple and easy for you. But meditation is a skill and technique that takes time to master. It’s a way of engaging with yourself that will result in far-reaching benefits throughout your life. Some benefits may be apparent immediately, though many of the rewards of meditation reveal themselves after dedicated practice over time.

Why are you offering this course?
In my former career as a government strategist, I turned to meditation to help ease my anxiety, increase my focus, and better manage my emotions and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Meditating helped me sift through the competing demands in my life and connect with what I really wanted, which was key as I navigated changing careers, moving abroad, and starting my business..

Are you qualified to teach meditation?
Sure am! I have over 800-hours of training and 6-years of teaching experience in yoga, meditation and breathing. Over the years, I’ve watched my students transform their lives by learning to get quiet and go safely within to access their own wisdom, peace, and clarity. I want to share that experience with you.

How does the course work? 
Chill Out – Intro to Meditation is a self-study course. Each week you’ll receive a video introducing that week’s practice along with an audio recording of a guided meditation for you to follow each day. The practices will be delivered to you over six consecutive weeks, but the content is yours for the lifetime of the course. That means you can start anytime and take as long as you need to with the material. You can also schedule your private call with me at any point during the six weeks.

What is the time commitment?
You’re commitment is roughly 10 minutes a day. Here is what’s expected:

  • Practice every day, either alone or following the guided meditation – 10 minutes a day.
  • Watch the weekly intro video – 5 minutes once per week.
  • Fill out the stress assessment at the beginning and the end of the course – 5 minutes, twice.

What if I don’t like the course?
You have enough demands, worries, and decisions in you life. I want to make this a no-brainer for you. To make it entirely risk-free for you, if you’re not completely satisfied with the course, I’ll refund your investment.

I pour my heart and soul into my work and take my promise to help you seriously. As long as you can show you participated 100% in good faith – you did the daily practices and reached out to me when you needed help – just email me and I’ll refund you fully.


Join Chill Out – Intro to Meditation and start your journey to feeling calm, aligned, and free.