Clarity Camp 2014!

Calling all big-time world-changers still hiding behind “I’m-not-sure-what-my-message-is” and other excuses! It’s your time to get clear and start shining!I'm Alexis

You didn’t achieve nearly as much in 2014 as you planned, but that’s okay. You spent the year chasing action and going in circles instead of getting super clear on the real questions – Who are you? What do you want? What are you here to create?

Don’t worry – it’s not too late! As a trained (and kick-ass) strategist who’s worked on an international scale, in 14-days I can help you go from “this-is-hopeless” to “YES! Bring it!”, so you can start 2015 aligned, clear and ready to roll.

What is it?
A 14-day strategy extravaganza to bring clarity and alignment to your business AND life! You’ll get clear on

  • What you want
  • What your true gifts and purpose are &
  • How to share your message with the world in a way that makes you finally get what it means to find your calling.

How do I know it’ll work for you?
I was a strategic planner with the U.S. Government working on big national efforts like international crises and homeland security. Heard of things like the National Homeland Security Strategy? I wrote stuff like that. I advised the military and senior leaders on how to plan to effectively and efficiently achieve big national goals. In other words, I know what I’m doing.

What you need to know:

  • My method is backed by years of research and real-life experience.
  • It’s worked for super happy clients, EVEN THOSE who started completely confused, believing they’d never find clarity and fed up with themselves after years of frustration.
  • I’ve got 800+ hours of training and 6 years of teaching yoga and meditation to make sure you’ve got the mind-body-spirit support you need to let shit go and transform into who you’re really meant to be.

What you get in your 14 days to kick-ass clarity:

  • Daily exercises to create your personal strategy & plan for your life & business – from what-the-heck-are-you-meant-to-do-with-your-life to the actions you can take today to get started.
  • Daily 20-minute group calls to walk through that day’s exercise, ask questions and get quick, laser-focused coaching.
  • Suggested practices to release all that crap you’ve been using as an excuse to stay stuck.
  • A private FB group to share your progress and get help and support. I’ll be in there every day to answer questions and cheer you on.
  • Bonuses! (shhhh – they’re a secret…)
  • A rip-roaring action plan to kick off 2015 aligned and ready to live on purpose!

STOP spinning your wheels feeling overwhelmed and confused. Don’t even THINK about starting 2015 with the same old habits that are making you feel miserable now.

You CAN get out of the trap of feeling like you’ll never figure out what you’re really meant to do with your life. I know because my method is designed to help you do EXACTLY that.

If you’re ready to be clear and finally create a life and business that’s as awesome as you know you are, here’s my super special offer to you: The first five (snapped up!) people to join get a bonus hour-long private session with me you can use up until the end of the year. That means – if you sign up right now – you get clarity on your purpose, solid action steps to bring your dreams to life, PLUS you can get follow-on implementation support to work through blocks, ask questions, or get extra help moving forward.

It’s seriously a no-brainer. You’re a big fish settling for a teeny-tiny bowl. Knock if off! Come swim where you belong – where you can finally grow into who you’re really meant to be and share those God-given gifts with the world! I KNOW you’ve got a message in there just waiting to transform us all!

mary-testimonialIt’s going to be intense – growing often is – but living in alignment with your purpose is worth it.

It starts December 1, and you can bet there’s mindset-changing, vibration-raising homework in advance, so sign up now. It’s all yours – the clarity, the strategy, the purposeful-alignment, the focus, the drive, the ability to take action – for just $97. That includes daily access to my yoga-fied strategy-brain and an awesome support group for 1/5th of my normal rate. It’s a steal!

Plus if you’re in the first five 4 (all gone!), you could snag a private 1:1 with me for FREE.

So come on. The world is waiting for you. Don’t play small for another year.


Got Questions? I’ve got answers:

I’m not even sure what my business is, should I still sign up?emily-testimonial
YES! One of the main reasons you don’t know what you’re business is yet is that you’ve been going about figuring it out backwards and asking the wrong questions. Your business idea will flow naturally from your life purpose once your goals and actions are in alignment.

I don’t have a business or want to start one, but I’m not sure I’m in the right job. Is this for me?
YES! Living your purpose can take any number of forms – self-employed or working towards a group mission in a for-profit or for-purpose organization. Unfortunately you can hold yourself back in any career if your work doesn’t align with your deeper purpose.

Why are you only asking $97? This is worth so much more!
I know! Normally you’d have to invest close to $500 to work with me to get crystal clear on your purpose and how to translate that into action. But here’s the deal – 2015 is right around the corner and I don’t want you to waste another year wondering if you’re ever going to find your message and actually create the life of your dreams. I want you to get clear NOW. I want you to take action NOW. I want you to embrace your unique mission NOW. So I’m making Clarity Camp an easy decision for you and accessible to as many people as possible.

But I also want to ensure you’re committed. To get clear, you’ve got to dig deep and do the work. Clarity Camp is an intense 14-days and it’s not right for you if you’re not 100% ready to get over feeling confused, overwhelmed and unsure. You’ve got to commit to a new version of yourself as a clear, focused, take-action person.

What if it doesn’t work for me? Will you refund my investment?mike-testimonial-3
Absolutely! I pour my heart and soul into this work and take my promise to help you seriously. As long as you can show you participated 100% in good faith – you did all the exercises, joined at least half of the calls, participated in the Facebook group, asked questions when you needed help, and did the suggested practices – just email me and I’ll refund you fully.

I’ve been confused for so long, I’m not sure it’s even possible to get clear anymore.
I hear ya but rest assured that clarity is within your reach! There are three key aspects to living on purpose:

  1. Figuring out what your big mission is;
  2. Translating your mission into actionable steps; and
  3. Becoming the person capable of living your dream life.

Although you can get tripped up on any of the three steps, becoming the person capable of living your purpose is the most important piece. That’s why I bring in meditation, yoga and mindset practices to help you shift out of feeling confused and stuck for good so you can finally feel clear and take action.

Join Clarity Camp now! The 14-day extravaganza starts December 1st!