Looking for a quick and easy cleanse to flush out toxins and feel refreshed?

Laghoo (la – goo) might be your answer.

Yoga offers a number of cleansing practices to purify the body and mind – I like Laghoo because it’s easy to learn and almost everyone can benefit from it.

Laghoo is a fantastic practice for getting your digestive system moving, cleaning out stagnant energy, and increasing your digestive and overall health.

If you’re constipated, try practicing Laghoo 3 days in a row until your bowels release. Or, if you’re just looking to cleanse, practice once a week for a month and take note of any differences in your digestion, energy, and vitality.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– An hour first thing in the morning

– 1 liter of boiled water (distilled if possible)

– 1.5 liters of cool water (distilled if possible)

– 5+ teaspoons of good salt

– A mug

– A place to lay down and any blankets or other items you need to squat and sit comfortably

Check out the video below for all the details and the practice.

As a reminder, I’m not a medical professional. Please consult your doctor before trying any practice, especially if you use medications or have health concerns.

Your Turn:

How did it go? Did the first time practicing Laghoo work for you?