No one wants to be a drama queen (we’ve pretty much vilified that stereotype thanks to reality TV), but almost all of us harbor a secret love for the dramatic.

Because drama gets our blood racing. It gets our heart pumping. It makes us feel alive.

More importantly, it stops us from having to feel other things.

Things like loneliness, fear, sadness, shame, and even the true, open-hearted vulnerability of love.

That’s why we text all day long, check Facebook a hundred times, refresh our inbox, and call friends while driving.
That’s why we pick fights when things have been too good and too easy for too long.

We’re afraid of the silence. We’re afraid of the joy.

Which makes perfect sense. Feeling good is a never-ending possibility with no upward bounds. That’s like stepping into the ocean and knowing you’ll be swimming there forever – only to discover new depths of magical, wonderful, and amazing things as you go.

Sounds great. Feels exciting. Secretly scary.

Because uncharted depths are just that – uncharted! You don’t know if you have the skills, training and resources to navigate what lies ahead, because you don’t know what lies ahead.

So no matter how fantastic and romantic the notion of unending joy sounds, most of us aren’t willing to go there.

We don’t trust that we’ll be safe or trust ourselves that we can handle it.

{Insert dramatic self-sabotaging action here that will firmly root you back down in who and where you are}.

Welcome to the cycle of life.

So if you’ve caught yourself…

  • reaching for your phone during down time (for example, I took mine into the bath yesterday),
  • turning on the TV to fill the silence but doing something else at the same time,
  • checking your email over and over,
  • searching through your apps for something to look at
  • scrolling through Facebook multiple times a day
  • picking fights with your partner even though things are great

It’s time to don your royal drama king or queen crown and then look beyond the rush of adrenaline to the discomfort that lies beyond.

What’s so scary about being still?
What’s so scary about being bored?
What’s so scary about being happy?

That’s the real juicy stuff.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!