I was recently asked to introduce myself to a group and share what brings me joy.


Swimming underwater. Walking in nature. The energy of ease and soft opening a group of people feel together after a yoga class or meditation.

I could go on, though my list of deep joys is short and tight.

How about yours?


Do you know what truly lights your soul on fire?


Because what I listed above aren’t just little joys for me, even though they may seem small to you.

These are the deep, soul-stirring joys that fill my life with meaning and make me feel fulfilled, content, and like I’m living my purpose.


**** There is a difference between what makes you happy and what deeply enlivens your soul. ****


I like seeing my husband laugh and listening to the cool things my sibling’s kids say.

I get a kick out of performing on stage and singing in the car with friends.

These things warm my heart, give me energy, and create lasting memories that I cherish.

But they are NOT what gives me a sense of peace, contentment, and rightness deep down in my soul.

For that, you’ve got to tune into your soul’s truth.

Specifically, you’ve got to know 3 key things about your soul:

a) What joy feels like for your soul
b) How your soul interprets meaning and joy
c) How you can create that feeling of meaning and joy through specific elements & activities

Once you know these 3 pieces, you can create SOUL-LEVEL joy in your life on demand every single day.

Through your job.
Through your hobbies.
Through how you go about your daily routine.

Then you have the secret key that unlocks your own personal fulfillment, because you KNOW – without hesitation – what really matters to you (and what doesn’t).

No more guesswork.
No more feeling like true happiness and fulfillment passed you by.
No more wondering if you’ll ever figure it out.

You have the path and the steps all laid out, ready for you to take.

This is a HUGE part of why my clients experience deeper and bigger life-transforming shifts with me than they ever have before, even after DECADES of self-development.

Because doing all the things doesn’t work.

Self-perfecting your way into happiness and success with a million self-improvement techniques or books doesn’t work.

Neither does trying and stopping and starting again and stopping and trying again and quitting.

That just leaves you exhausted, annoyed, and feeling like more of a neurotic mess than you were when you started! (I speak from experience here… 😛)

Instead, you can hone in on a few key truths:

– Why you’re here (your soul’s vision)
– What matters to you (your purpose)
– How to feel meaningful & fulfilled (your soul’s joy)

So you can take action in purposeful ways to create true meaning and joy in your life.

That’s EXACTLY what you’ll do in Living Your Truth – my signature 6-week program starting Monday.

You’ll gain clarity on who you are, what your soul is here to experience and create, and how you can live your soul’s truth and joy daily.

You’ll get both the intellectual KNOWING of your soul’s truth and my hands-on support to help you with the daily BEING & BECOMING, so you can actually live on purpose now instead of hoping to someday.


You deserve to feel deeply, truly fulfilled.


Join Living Your Truth today.

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!

In love,