Here’s what surprised me about my first Abraham-Hicks workshop – she talked about my business the entire time.

Let me explain.
(If you aren’t familiar with Abraham-Hicks, check out this summary on Wikipedia).

The message of the workshop was simple: be nice to yourself, self-soothe, and stop beating up on yourself.

Sounds easy, right? But I see my clients, friends and family struggle to be kind to themselves everyday:

  • You forget something and call yourself an “idiot”.
  • You start to share a glimpse of your dreams with someone and preface them as “silly” and “ridiculous”.
  • You compare yourself to others, saying you know you’ll never be like them – after all, you couldn’t possibly claim to be as smart/talented/successful as they are.

I do it too. Last week, inspiration struck: I had the burning desire to plan a weeklong yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Excitedly, I started Googling and found the perfect venue, which had had a cancellation for the perfect week – it was divine coincidence.

Then Negative Nelly started – I’m not a super-star yogi with thousands of followers. I’m not a good enough teacher to fly internationally to practice with, and blah blah blah.

Sound familiar?

In Abraham-Hicks vernacular, negative mental chatter is a sign that we’re out of alignment. Whereas the joy I felt – the clarity of the insight, the serendipitous timing with the retreat center, the desire to create – were signs that I was aligned with my purpose.

So what does all this have to do with my business?

During the workshop, Ester Hicks / Abraham said this amazing sentance: when we’re out of alignment, we try to compensate for the lack of alignment with effort and work.

Flashing light bulbs! Chiming bells!

  • This is exactly what distinguishes my current yoga (and life) practice from what it was five years ago.
  • This is exactly what I see students try to do physically in class.
  • This is exactly why my coaching clients start out over-stressed, over-worked and confused.

You can’t get to happy and easeful by practicing unhappy and stressful.

Five years ago, I was misaligned, in pain, and stressed out, so I did what I knew how to do – I worked harder and pushed myself more. Spoiler alert: I ended up injured, burnt out and unhappy.

Then I learned to soften. I discovered how to allow my body to loosen and unfold, unwinding my stress and anxiety with it. What years of muscle-shaking, jaw-clenching yoga couldn’t do, lying on the floor over a softly-folded blanket did in a few months.

You can’t get to physically aligned by contorting yourself into it; you have to release and allow your structure to find its own innate balance.

You align through ease.

Now I share the power of softening every chance I get. In each moment, you have the choice to soften your inner critic, soften your shoulders and belly, soften your breath and eyes, and unfold into the person you’re truly meant to be.

You can choose the easy path – not because you’re weak – but because it feels better.

And, if somehow, opening to ease doesn’t bring you closer to your dreams and ideal life, at least you’ll feel good along the way. 🙂



p.s. Coast Rica 2015, baby!