My motto for 2014 is “Create Courageously”. After 3 years of training, learning, and planning, it feels AMAZING to finally be creating and putting things out into the world. I have so much to share with you!

But not every creation lives up to my expectations.

A month ago, a friend and I filmed 4 hours worth of video for an upcoming project (it’s a surprise!), and I hate the results.

The sound isn’t right, the lighting is off, and the overall result does not give the professional, polished look I was going for.

I spent the last three weeks depressed by what seemed like a complete waste of time and effort. I almost hit delete on the entire 4 hours of footage.

But then I remembered my motto: create courageously.

That’s “courageously” not “perfectly”.  

Perfection told me to throw in the towel, admit defeat, and not bother trying again. Courage told me to share it with you anyway.

Creating is a process and this is the beginning of my video-creating journey, no matter how far along I wish I already was.

Sure, the result doesn’t look like a professional video filmed in a studio – but it’s not! I made it myself at home.

I stumbled over words and laughed out loud when I lost my balance and almost fell – oh well!

I cut off the top of my head and captured too much background noise – I’ll do better next time!

For better or worse, this is my creation. I made it for you with love in the hope that it helps you connect in love with your partner.

Isn’t that what relationships are about after all? Showing up as our true selves – imperfect and flawed – and opening to love anyway?

I sure hope so.


p.s. Shiva is the man and Shakti is the woman. 🙂



Your turn:

Have you openly failed before? How did you react? How were you received?