I didn’t plan to keep writing about this (read part 1 here and part 2 here), but confidence seems to be the crux of almost every challenge, doesn’t it?

Faith that things will work out.
Knowing that you’re okay.
Trusting you can handle both what comes and what you desire.

Let me ask you a question and I invite you to really feel into the answer:

What if you are already whole?

What if – instead of needing to be fixed or molded or changed – you are already perfect, as is, right now?

From that deeply felt sense of being enough…

Would you be able to stop second-guessing yourself and pursue your dreams?
Would you feel more relaxed and happy?
Would you be more open to trusting and loving others because you’re no longer bracing against how you imagine they’re judging you?

Truly imagine – just for a moment – what it would feel like to be whole.

You might notice certain problems in your life no longer seem that important. Or perhaps some pain or tension in your body softens. Maybe you take a deeper breath or smile more often.

Because most of us spend the majority of our effort and energy trying to resist, cover up, or defend our failings. We end up living half the life we’re capable of just trying not to be discovered for being who we are.

But who you are is perfect. All of you. Even the parts you’re worried about or ashamed of.

They make up the wholeness that is you.

Today I have a challenge for you: Ask yourself “What if I was already whole?” over and over in your mind throughout the day.

Allow your subconscious to imagine what it might be like to live from this place of knowing. Then open to what you discover.

Because the deeper part of you that knows you are enough is longing to be heard.
Share what you discover by leaving a comment below.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!