Anytime you’re feeling stressed or like you have to push to make something happen, I can guarantee you’re not in a space of appreciation.

I know because I do it ALL the time. I spin out about work not getting done or things not moving fast enough, and, each time – God bless him – my business partner calmly reminds me of how much I’ve already accomplished.

All the wonderful aspects of my life that are going beautifully. The amazing gifts and experiences I’ve overlooked and forgotten to appreciate in my hurry to move forward.

Because life is happening now.

Ironically, that is the whole point of my Quit That Shit! call – if you don’t like what you’re doing and you’re settling for a less-than-ideal work life, then really you’re just wasting your precious time on tasks, events, and experiences that don’t enhance your life.

In short, you’re wasting your life on things you don’t care about!

Which is sad, because life is potentially short. Yet we wait to enjoy it until the next vacation or when we’re retired. We wait to fully live it until we’re thinner, richer, more confident, better educated, or less tired.

Today, I invite you to open your eyes – look around at all the wonderful coincidences that have collided and aligned to bring you joy.

Last night on the way home from yoga, the driver in front of me switched his blinkers back and forth to the rhythm of the song on the radio; we must have been listening to the same station.

At first I thought he didn’t know which way to turn and was confused, but after minute of perfectly timed flashing – right, left, right, left, pause, I was roaring with laughter and overcome with awe at the beauty of a world in which the car in front of me gifts me a light display just because.

Because life is meant to delight you. Life is meant to surprise you. And miracles happen all around you all the time.

So look around today. See them. Feel them. Open yourself the gift of life you are continually given.

And be thankful.