Your soul is an inherent part of who you are and everything you do. It IS you. Which means you don’t have to go searching for your truth or purpose – it’s right here with you all the time.

But how can you connect with it? How can you know you’re living your soul’s truth instead of just doing what you think you should or have to do?

You have to get yourself into the soul’s room.

Imagine your internal layers are like rooms. Most of us live consciously from our brain room.

You get to your brain room through hallways like social expectation, your parents hopes for you, societal norms, self-adopted roles like parent / sibling / employee, etc. These tried and true paths dump you straight into the place where your actions, thoughts, and decisions are determined by how you should be, rather than how you truly are or want to be.

We’ve all been there.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the brain room; it just doesn’t feel particularly good if you want to build an intentional life that feels meaningful and fulfilling on a soul level. To do that, you need to hear, trust, and take action in alignment with your soul’s truth.

So how can you get from your brain room to your soul’s room?

Down the hallway of fear.

Your soul is brilliantly self-contained. Unlike your mind, which will blob out and wander the halls if left unattended, your soul stays happily in its own space.

But it will open the door for you if you get there. Which means you have rise up, take the steps, and meet the soul where the it lives.

The easy part of the journey is that courage is the tipping point to enter – courage is the doorway into soul’s world.

The hard part is that the hallway to even get to the door takes courage to walk. Which means the path to the door isn’t smooth.

It’s characterized by pain, fear, and worry. It’s littered with your deepest hurts, your biggest fears, and your most intimate moments of shame.

Most of us spend our whole lives waiting to meet the soul because we’re waiting for a smooth path and the courage to move forward.

But courage is the doorway once you’re already there. First you have to go down path on faith and determination alone.

Because in life, you’re rarely boldly striding towards happiness. Instead you’re kicking and screaming your way there – fighting your inner demons along the way and wishing you could stay the same – until you look down at the threshold one day in surprise and discover you made it. You got to the room of the soul.

Then courage helps you have the strength to live your truth once you’re there.

So if life feels tough right now, ask yourself – are you wandering the long, winding halls of the brain? Or are you fighting your way towards the soul?

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!