Last night I had the cutest conversation with my 10-year old niece. She’s jealous of how much everyone – including her own friends – like her big sister.

Since I have an amazingly kind, talented, and beautiful older sister myself, I understand her insecurity.

But you don’t need to have siblings to get tripped up by comparisonitis.

We all rank and stack ourselves against those we perceive as being happier, prettier, nicer, more popular, and more successful than we are.

Just this past weekend, I filmed an awesome new video, only to second-guess myself when a loving friend shared videos with me of a woman he admires. His goal was to inspire me further and demonstrate how needed and helpful they are.

After watching the other woman, my response was verbatim “hmmm… maybe I shouldn’t try. She’s really good.”

As if the cap on inspiring videos is just one person!

Which is what I told my niece – there is enough awesome to go around.

Just because someone else is rocking their life doesn’t take away from your ability to rock yours.

This is not a zero-sum game.

The world we live in may seem finite, but that’s just a trick your mind is playing on you so you stay small and safe.

We live in an infinitely abundant world and you are infinitely capable of kindness, love, talent, and success.

You may have to hone your skills. You may have to practice and focus and try. But you are not limited by the achievements of others.

You are only limited by how much greatness you allow yourself.

So notice the subtle ways you cut yourself off from who and what you could be.

The times you see someone pretty and feel badly about yourself.
The times you hear someone won a prize and think “I never win”.
The times you meet someone successful and think “man, I’m wasting my life”.

Then remember – it’s not a competition!

It’s not a race. There are no losers. You cannot be less than.

Because you are already enough – just as you are. And if you want more, all you have to do is go for it.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!