I am thankful for a lot of people, things, and experiences.

This website is a tangible result of all the knowledge, help, support, and motivation I’ve received. Here are some of the amazing people and resources that have helped me along the way:

Website Inner Workings

The indefatigable Crystal Colson.


The ever-encouraging Cerries Mooney at Heart Your Brand.


This site is built on the Genesis Framework using the Jane theme by StudioPress.

I shoot photos and videos on an iPhone 5 using the built in camera software. Learn all about what I use to film here.

Meditations are recorded using Garage Band with the Audio-Technica ATR 2100 – USB microphone. (affiliate link)


The list would go on for pages if I named everyone who’s helped me. My main influence for starting and launching a online business is Marie Forleo and her online B-school.


In the journey to launch my website, I interacted with a number of extraordinary coaches, who helped me get clear, focused, and moving forward.

The insightful Yiye Zhang.

The straight-shooting Phoebe Hook.

The block-busting Louise Botwright.

The compassionate and connected Erin-Ashley.

The intuitive Sabrina Bolin.

The motivating Stephanie Gordon.

The smooth-talking Nikki Elledge Brown.

The genuine and inspiring Jenna Dalton.

The fiercely confident Mariah Neeson.

Yoga Teachers

Although I learn from every teacher and student I meet, a few main teachers have helped shape who I am and how I teach.

Shantimurti, Atma, and the entire Ashram Yoga, Ltd. team for giving me a yoga family and a practice for a lifetime.

Donna Farhi, Lisa Petersen, and Neil Goshal for helping me heal and learn to help others heal.

Nadia Torman at the Maui Yoga Shala for believing in me and giving me space to rediscover my joy.

John Schumacher and the teachers at Unity Woods Yoga for teaching me to pay attention and honor the practice.

Love & Support

A big thank you to my friends and family who’ve supported me in this process – for listening, reviewing draft after draft, editing, and generally still speaking to me. Love you guys!

Last, but not least, thank YOU. Without you, I would be like a page with no words. Thank you for giving my life meaning and purpose.


Thank you!