Happy Life Bundle

Looking for a unique and healing gift? Or just want to treat yourself to a little peace & calm? The Happy Life bundles are your answer! 

Each bundle includes a my favorite combination of healing practices, tools, and energetic extras to create more ease, lightness, and joy in your body, mind, and spirit.

Get just one or treat yourself with all 3! 


Your Happy Spine

My secret weapon “chiropractor-in-a-box” to help you ease chronic tension & build the foundation for a long & strong spine.

You’ll receive:

  • My favorite tool to lengthen, ease, & massage your spine.
  • A guided video to help you master the practice and get the most benefit for your back & spine. 
  • A healing crystal to help you align inside and out.



Your Happy Heart

My favorite combination of practices to soften & open the chest so you can feel, be, and create more love in your life.

Inside you’ll find:

  • The ‘Be Love’ meditation to connect with your heart & expand your loving energy.
  • 21 affirmations to center in love daily.
  • A guided video walking you through my favorite position to soften & open your chest.
  • A crystal to awaken your heart-chakra & loving connection to yourself and others.
  • A scented heart-chakra candle to spark your inner flame.



Your Happy Mind

A meditative chill-pill to help you kiss stress and tension goodbye, so you can welcome in ease, calm, & soothing deep breaths.

You’ll receive:

  • The ‘Be Calm’ meditation to switch off your body’s stress response & quiet the mind, so you can feel calmer & happier.
  • A special guided meditation to reconnect the body and mind through deep, easeful breathing.
  • A soothing eye pillow to soften the eyes & thoughts.
  • A crystal to help you connect to your higher self & the stillness that is ever-present within you.


Or save 20% and indulge your mind, body, & soul with all 3 in the Happy Life – spine, heart, & mind bundle!

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