Last week I drove 6 hours to go to the dentist and spend a few hours with a childhood friend. It was a great, albeit whirlwind, trip which gifted me a lot of time to think in the car.

Amidst audio-book inspired revelations and insights, I had one giant AHA moment.

Here’s what I realized:

You may remember last summer I won two kayaks at a baseball game. The windfall came just days after attending an Abraham-Hicks law of attraction workshop, so I naturally attributed it to that.

That somehow being at the workshop raised my vibration and allowed me to receive something I’d wanted.

But this weekend I realized that wasn’t what happened at all. The workshop isn’t why I won.

I won the kayaks because I was HAPPY WHEN I WON THEM.

Now if you’re a LOA fan, you might say “duh!”, but this is a subtle distinction I want to spell out.

Abraham-Hicks talks endlessly about caring about how you feel, because how you feel determines what you get. Sure, there’s a time delay and it’s important to maintain the feeling for a while so it’s your dominant vibration, but basically – choose a feeling and attract things at the same vibration.

So I viewed my time at the workshop – when I was surrounded by hundreds of high-energy people – as a pivotal moment.

But that wasn’t it.

When I filled out the kayak raffle ticket and dropped it in the box, I was in the middle of one of my most joyful evenings in months – if not years.

I was surrounded by yoga colleagues, promoting yoga and our studio – walking up and down the stadium halls joking with strangers and meeting other local healers.

All things I love, but now rarely do.

Connecting people in mutually beneficial relationships and opening people to new possibilities are my two best – and most favorite – skills. I could do them all day, every day. In fact, I did when I was with the Government.

They energize and lift me to incredible natural heights.

Which means when the opportunity arose to win kayaks, of course they came to me.

Because I was already celebrating.

You may be thinking – that’s a great realization, but what does all this have to do with me?

Here it is: Your life DEPENDS on your joy.

In short: Get happy as if YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT.

Because it does.

Whatever you want to feel, see, have, or do – it’s waiting for you to feel it first.

It’s waiting for you to lift yourself to the point of open, carefree, happiness so it can flood you with the relationships and things that you equate with being happy.

Which means the life you imagine in your mind – the one you KNOW you’re meant to have – is absolutely accurate.



So grab a piece of paper and write down the 5 most joy-inducing things you can do and find a way to do at least one of them every single day. Not with the intention of getting something in return – choose something more joyful than that.

Choose something you love so much, the gift is just being able to do it.

Then do one each day for a week and tell me how you feel.

And expect miracles.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!