blue shirt hand over heart


So many of us spend our time seeking our message and our purpose OUT THERE, when, in truth, it’s all IN HERE.

It’s who you are. You can’t be separated from it.

Your meaning can’t be lost and it’s not something that needs to be found.

It’s the feeling people get when you walk in a room. The reason people look forward to being around you when you’re away. It’s your countenance and demeanor – the way you hold yourself and what we’ll all remember of you.

Kindness, peace, calm.
Focus, drive, passion.
Stability, truth, clarity.

The one thing people say you are that always takes you by surprise, because it may be the opposite of how you feel.

– You make them feel calm, yet inside you’re an anxious mess.
– You exude peace, but in your mind, you’re at war against yourself.
– You inspire people with your strength, yet you feel confused, unfocused, and weak.

It’s not surprising you feel weakest in your exact area of strength.

Because your soul knows so deeply who you are and what you stand for – any deviation from it feels colossal.

You ARE your truth. What you embody IS your message.

So when you don’t fully allow it – when you don’t embrace it and claim it as your own – each misaligned moment feels ten times larger and more awful than it is.

You can’t seek outside of you what your already are.

That means the only thing you need to do to feel aligned and on purpose NOW is allow your natural self to come through.

  • If you embody peace, practice what helps you feel peaceful.
  • If you radiate joy, make time every morning to feel joyful.
  • If you inspire through fierce truth, reconnect with your truth and courageously live it – cutting whatever doesn’t align with who you know you are.

Because you have the answers, you’re just not living them.

You’re continuing to hope for a catchy slogan, sign, or no-fail trick that will help you encapsulate everything you are when it ALREADY IS YOU.

So here’s your quick-tip homework:

  1. Figure out what one or two feelings stand for you.
    This isn’t a shame game of coercing yourself into being kinder or more generous. Be honest – what is the powerful emotional you emit? What is your vibrational fingerprint in the world? DO NOT JUDGE THE ANSWER.
  2. Then live it.
    Do anything and everything in your power to feel that feeling yourself. Allow for it, setting aside all thoughts about what you don’t deserve to feel and do, or what makes you productive or valuable.

    If you help people feel like everything is okay, spend time in meditation tuning into the perfection of all that is. If you radiate calm, spend time doing whatever makes you calm – walking, cooking, writing.

Because your value IS you. So the more you allow yourself to BE YOU, the more valuable you’ll be and feel.

That’s it.

You can do it. You ARE it.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!


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