Learning to trust yourself can be hard.

Many of us are well-trained in analyzing what other people think and need, but learn little about how to read our own desires.

Luckily you came pre-programmed with a built in trust builder – your body.

When you tune into your body and come into the present moment, you become aware of a range of sensations – from tightness to ease, from discomfort to excitement.

These feelings give us clues about what is a “yes” for us and what is a “no”.

Right now, put both feet on the floor and take a deep breath. Then imagine you have to work all weekend, 12 hours a day with no time off.

How do you feel?

Then imagine you have all the money you’ll ever need and get to take the weekend off to play however you’d like.

How does that feel?

If you didn’t feel anything, keep practicing with examples of choices until you do. Silly things like “I want orange juice” versus “I want milk” until you can feel the body’s subtle clues about your preferences.

Most of us get trapped in our heads when we have to make big decisions.

I agonized over whether to move back to the States from New Zealand for months.

But when you tune into your body and trust the signals it’s giving you, you can tap into your intuition and inner guidance system.

Which is how I finally made the decision – coming home felt expansive, like my torso was softening and widening; while staying felt tight.

The key is to practice all the time with big and small things so that when the time comes to make a big decision, you’re ready and fully trusting yourself.

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!