I take a bath almost every day. So on the off chance of random texts or emergency Facebook checks, I zip my phone into a plastic baggie.

I can still navigate the screen, but the barrier buys me a few minutes of dry time should the unimaginable yet not unexpected happen.

Side note – I also live alone.

So today when I heard little crinkly noises just outside the tub, I assumed it must be a very bold mouse sniffing around my phone.

Luckily the noise stopped and I vowed to check into it later when I wasn’t quite so comfortable.

A minute went by and then I heard another noise – this time a loud thump as my book slid off my journal and landed on the floor.

Then it hit me.

A mouse isn’t moving my stuff. My stuff is moving because even inanimate objects follow the basic rules of gravity.

Even inanimate objects follow the path of least resistance.

So why do humans find it so hard?

We over-complicate everything from relationships to outfits, career options to dinner choices.

Then we brace against what we manage to piece together, unwilling to be carried any further by the tide of our own desires. We want to stay where we land, even when life is pulling us towards what we want.

The irony of free will and self-determination is that it allows us to trap ourselves in cycles of stress, tension, and worry.

We define the parameters of our own downfall through our vigilant attention to what we don’t want to happen.

You literally create your own worst nightmare.

But there’s another way to go about it.

You can give in – to gravity, ease, and the path of least resistance.

You can allow yourself to be carried forward by the things that feel the best. The most natural. The most effortless.

You can stop clenching, release the tension, and trust that all is well.

Living in what some call “the flow” isn’t easy and it certainly takes practice, but it’s possible. In fact – considering the behavior of every other creature and our inanimate friends – it’s probably how we’re meant to be.

So give it a try today.

Let out a deep breathe and tune into how you feel. Then ask yourself – what would feel even better? and do it.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!