Last weekend at the Nutcracker ballet – right during the dance of the Sugarplum Fairies – this kid starts screaming “I want my cookie!”

Now if you have kids, you know how they can scream, and this child was not holding back:


The entire theater was echoing with each yell, but the kid didn’t stop. Interestingly, the parent’s didn’t jump up to leave either.

I WANT MY COOKIE! GIVE ME MY COOKIE! (seriously, this kid was loud!)

Finally enough people grumbled that the parent’s tried to escort the child out of the theater, to which the kid responded:


All I could think was “Bravo, young soul! Bravo!”

Because in that moment I learned more than a year of taking courses and hiring mindset coaches could teach me.

I learned about the power of unabashed desire.

Kids don’t feel ashamed about what they want. They just want what they want!

But somehow as adults we distort, morph, contort, and mutate ourselves into these unclear, held-back, clueless blobs who only feel safe fantasizing about life through porn and movies.

That’s messed up.

I get being polite – trust me, I love gentle manners and proper etiquette (don’t even think about taking my plate while others are still eating or serving from the left).

But I’m OVER failing to harness the full power of my desire by refusing to claim *without shame* what I want.

Because we have infinite potential to achieve whatever we want. Infinite. I really mean that – infinite.

But we stop ourselves from dreaming before we’ve even gasped with excitement thinking:

What will my family say?
What about my bills?
People like me can’t do that!

We forget that it’s not the how-to and detailed plan that comes first. It’s the clear, unrestrained desire to make it happen.

Then everything starts to happen. Then magical opportunities appear, miracles happen, and you act or you don’t.

But desire comes first.

So think about something in your life you keep saying you want –> Are you holding back because of shame, fear, or some other type of judgement about why you can’t have it?

Or do you really want it?

Because if you do, you know the rally cry. Let out your biggest “I WANT MY COOKIE!” and go get it!

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!