A few years ago, I knew a guy who wouldn’t use his windshield wipers when it rained, because he didn’t like the dirty line they left on the side of his window.

Even in the most torrential downpour – he would strain to see through a blurry, wet windshield rather than create an unsightly mark on his car.

Crazy, right?

This guy would rather risk his life (and those of other drivers on the road) than risk a part of his life being imperfect.

While it’s easy to point fingers at his skewed priorities, the funny part is that most of us do the same thing in other ways:

You stay in uninspiring relationships, because you’d rather be safe than trust yourself.

You fill your time with side jobs instead of focusing on your business, because you’d rather believe your biz can’t make money than risk succeeding.

You keep repeating the same sob story about your flaws and problems, because you’d rather feel hopeless than embrace your own power.

You actively block yourself from feeling how you want to feel in your life by repeating habits and patterns that stop you from healing and moving forward.

It doesn’t make sense.

So the next time you find yourself arguing for why you “can’t”, instead ask yourself: Would you rather invest in this belief or the one that says you can?

Would you rather believe you’ll never find a part-time job that fits around your schedule, or believe that of course you will – the perfect one is waiting for you?

Would you rather believe you’ll never be able to make it alone, or believe that of course you will – miracles happen when you focus on what you want?

Would you rather believe that you’re broke and hopeless, or believe that you’re wildly abundant and this is a temporary step along the way?

Stop feeding the future that you don’t want.

It’s that simple.

It takes work. You may feel delusional. Heck, people may call you delusional and laugh at your beliefs to your face.

But if you’re going to tell stories that influence the outcomes of your life, you might as well imagine the endings you want.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!