You’ve probably heard the phrase “success begets success”. You may have even used it as a way to feel bitter about wealthy people who seem to effortlessly get even wealthier, while you bust your buns to barely scrape by.

But that’s the funny thing about this phrase.

Many of us believe that success is directly related to effort. And on some level, that’s true. You need the right effort at the right time in the right way to see results.

But this phrase “success begets success” isn’t true because once you succeed, you work harder.

It’s true because once you experience success, you expect more success.

You know how it feels, know you can achieve it, and expect more of it in the future.

Your belief determines your future outcome, not your effort.

Just look at any Olympic athlete or person who’s suffered a long ordeal like being trapped – sure, they work hard and take action. But it’s their belief – their strength of conviction that they will succeed – that makes or breaks them.

Unfortunately this is where many of us get hung up. Because it’s easier to do, do, do than it is to shift long-standing, deeply-held beliefs about what we’re capable of achieving.

It’s easier to believe external circumstances are calling the shots; not our internal programming.

But isn’t there also a tiny part of you that’s relieved to think you have the power to shift your whole life to be exactly how you want it?

You may not believe it yet – but isn’t the idea exciting?

Make space for that possibility today. Like cracking open a door, quietly open yourself to the possibility of your own power. 

That with focused resolve, you can radically bless your own life with whatever you can envision and truly believe is yours for the having.

You have the power.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!