Leap Day doesn’t come around that often, so this year let’s try something that doesn’t happen that much either — updating an old belief.

Just like out-of-date software on your phone or computer slows down your operating system, unhelpful beliefs hold you back from running smoothly at your full potential.

Imagine how much happier you’d feel if you believed…

– You know exactly what you’re doing.
– You have more than enough energy for what you want to do.
– You have all the time you need – in fact, life is unfolding in perfect timing.

Luckily upgrading your internal thoughts can be a lot more fun than waiting for your tech to reboot.

This weekend, I tested a few of my stubborn but unnecessary beliefs to see what would happen if I flipped them around:

– I chose to believe “I am strong” during a challenging yoga workshop and kept up with almost all of the fast-paced, harder movements.- I decided to think “I am a great dancer” at a dance-themed party and had the most fun I’ve ever had dancing.

– At improv practice, fear asked me to stop disturbing its self-judgement routine, but I reminded myself “I am safe” and went on to a great practice.

I had the time of my life, because I chose to upgrade a few beliefs that no longer supported the life I wanted.

What beliefs will you update today?

Maybe it’s time to believe you’re good with money, a good listener, or a generous friend.

Wherever you choose to start, update today.

Because keeping those old beliefs running is draining your vitality, confidence, and creativity.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!