handholding leap

Last night I watched a movie about magic. Four magically-inclined entertainers blindly followed orders to pull off major heists in the hopes of entering a secret order of magicians.

It had all the trappings of a great movie – theft, intrigue, a car chase, romance, and, of course, a bit of magic.

Whoever wrote the script is a magician in his or her own right – a genius of how the American mind processes and enjoys stories. A totem to our need to go beyond reality and experience the mystical in life.

Because that’s what love is – a leap of faith beyond the rational and coherent.

But making that leap, either alone or with another person, takes blind commitment. It takes a deep desire to reach and a continuing curiosity to explore a hoped-for, yet unknown and potentially nonexistent place.

A place called happy. Content. Expansive.

A fully-lived life.

Sometimes you find the strength within yourself to make that jump. Sometimes you find the right hand to hold to ease your worry as you go.

Either way, you’re still navigating into unchartered territory.

No one really knows what the end result of our choices looks like. If we did, I imagine most of us would make different decisions, at least, from a short-term view.

But each choice leads to the next and, soon enough, we’re on a path we can’t reverse and try again. No one decision becomes the turning point that all things after hinged on. Life just compounds, and, one moment after the next, you end up where you are.

Yet there are moments – perhaps subtle and unnoticed – when we leap.

These are the moments we allow.

The times it doesn’t make sense but you just like her smile. The unexplained feeling of ease. The knowingness that it’s okay, even right, or, possibly, even wrong, and you follow it.

In these moments, you submit to a higher allegiance. You acquiesce your logic to the truth that only your heart holds – the truth of how you want to feel.

Because it’s your emotional vision that guides you forward even when your scared. The strange memory of a future feeling you know is possible but hasn’t happened yet. Your hope that miracles exist.

This is how you take chances.

In faith in love.

It may not always work out like the picture your mind starts to paint. But it will always lead you closer to how your heart wants to feel.

And who you’re meant to be. Because they’re one and the same.

So even though it takes courage to step beyond the known. Even though it takes guts to allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to the possibility that this is the person, moment, chance…


Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!