This is how I imagine your day:

You wake up naturally with the sun and enjoy a leisurely yoga practice followed by a quiet morning journaling over tea.

Yeah, right.

We’re busy people. Here’s how I make sure I get my daily fix of inspiration and yoga – perfect for days I over-sleep or am traveling.

Even if you have time for a longer practice, try these life-hacks for an extra body-mind bonus.

The Blow-Dry Bend:

This little trick stretches out the backs of my legs in the morning and helps release my lower back and shoulders. Depending on the length of your hair, you can bend the knees and fold all the way towards the ground.IMG_0164

As the pelvis tilts towards the ceiling, the spine releases, lengthening and relaxing the muscles of the back. Make sure to keep the weight even in the feet – not all in the balls or the heels.

It’s tempting to over-stretch the legs, but be mindful that it’s early and they’re not warmed up yet.


The Empower Shower:

photoTo make sure I start the day off right, I listen to an inspiring talk or audio book on my phone while I’m getting ready.

I pop the phone into the pocket of my robe and carry it with me from bedroom to bathroom and back again.

Lately I’ve been loving Abraham-Hicks talks on YouTube, but anything uplifting will do.


The Tea T:

This final trick is a great way to lengthen the spine, release tension in the lower back, and stretch the shoulders.

IMG_0258 I put on the kettle and stretch it out while waiting for the water to boil.

The elbows are directly in line with the shoulders and the upper arms externally rotate to create space around the neck. Then you draw back through the tail-bone and presto – instant traction!


Give these a shot and let me know what you think!


Your Turn:

What life-hacks do you use to stay inspired and in practice?