If you came to me wanting to stand like the man on the left, and you currently looked like the man on the right, I’d say there were 3 key steps to getting you there:

  • Visualizing yourself in this new posture – deeply knowing that you want it and seeing it as possible.
  • Planning how to get there – which exercises to do, how often, and in what order.
  • Becoming the new version of you – including actually doing the exercises, plus letting go of any habits and emotional patterns keeping you in the old posture.

Man with impairMan with impaired posture position defect scoliosis and ideal bearing.

The same is true for any goal you want to achieve: first you have to dream it, then you have to do it, then you have to actually BE it.

You have to become the person you see in your vision.

Because no matter how brilliant your vision is, if you keep beating the drum of beliefs and patterns that contradict it, your actions won’t ever get you there.

So this week I want you to check in with your vision:

  • How does it feel?
  • How do you imagine feeling?

Then ask yourself – How can I bring that feeling into my life today?

So for example, if you dream of feeling light and easy – like everything is simple and just flows – how can you make your life simpler RIGHT NOW?

How can you allow for more flow? What do you need to do to feel lighter?

Maybe you need to laugh more, or do a silly dance with your kids. Maybe you need to let others take a bit of your daily to-do list so you can feel more focused. Or maybe you need to reframe your perspective and appreciate how good you’ve really got it.

Either way – you’ve got to DECIDE to drop the beliefs and habits you currently have that are blocking you from feeling how you want to feel.

So spend a quiet moment tuning into yourself and your vision. Really feel how it’s going to feel – embody those feelings.

Then practice feeling that way every day.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!