Manifesto of the Free & the Brave

I believe in the power of my mind to set myself steady.

I believe in the strength of my body.

I believe in the wisdom of my soul to guide me to my highest calling.

I believe in helping others.

I believe I am the puzzle piece that makes the world complete. Without me, the world cannot be whole – I am invaluable.

I believe I am beautiful. I believe I radiate. I believe the power of my love can envelope the world and hold us in safety and acceptance.

I believe I can feel fulfilled and that my life matters.

I believe I can

Heal wounds gently
Move beyond fears bravely
Laugh easily
Love more fully
Open up confidently
Explore boldly
Contribute harmoniously
Soften safely
Connect deeply
Accept gratefully
Give graciously
Live gracefully

I believe that life is short, and I have the power to create the life I want.

I believe I can only change myself.  I can shine my light as bright as it will go and illuminate others in the process.

I believe I am love.

I believe I am connected to everyone and everything – I am and we are one vibration and that vibration is love.

I believe I can bring into life for myself what we want to see in others – compassion, patience, and understanding.

I believe love is the reason and purpose and meaning of life.

I believe my purpose is to feel free, to be love, to feel love, to embody spaciousness, to be freedom, to radiate love.

To bring others into their love.
To search out joy inside me and blast it out into the world.
To experience the world.
To shine the light on the amazingness of nature – the rhythm, the flow, the synchronicity.
To bear a torch and hold steady.
To hold the space for beauty in the world.
To embody the feminine.
To call up the power of the earth to heal and settle and ground us in it.
To heal.

I believe my purpose is to enjoy every second of this precious life I’m living.


Download the Manifesto here.